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Promotional tour

On September 3-4, 2020, the long-awaited event took place within the framework of the project - a promotional tour of the places included in the virtual cross-border tourist route "By the ways of the princely family Sangushkiv".

In order to popularize the newly created tourist route, representatives of museum institutions, travel agencies, the executive, local governments and the media visited places associated with the princely family. The route geographically covers the territory of the Ukrainian-Polish border: Lutsk - Kovel - the village of Miltsi (Starovyzhiv district) - Kamin-Kashyrsky - the village. Yarevyshche (Starovyzhiv district) - Volodymyr-Volynskyi - Wlodawa - Kiyany - Lyubartiv - Rudno - Lublin - Krasnichyn - Dub.

Given the situation with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and the closed Ukrainian-Polish border, the tour participants had the opportunity to visit locations only in Ukraine. Polish partners will soon hold a similar promotional tour of their country's landmarks.

The trip was rich and incredibly interesting. At the same time, it is quite difficult, because we had to cover 450 kilometres in 32 hours. And the roads in Volyn cannot always boast of good quality.

On the first day, the tour participants visited the St. Nicholas Monastery in the village. Miltsy of Starovyzhiv district, which for a long time was the ancestral tomb of the Sangushkiv princes. Next was Kamin-Kashirsky, where we had the opportunity to see the brick chapel of the Dominican monastery of the seventeenth century, which is bravely guarded by ancient oaks. In the folk museum of local lore of the city we were lucky to admire a truly unique monument - a fragment of a carved wooden Catholic altar, the oldest in Volyn.

The last place we visited that day was the picturesque village of Yarevyshche in Starovyzhiv district. Here in the XV-XVI centuries there was a monastery, the founder of which was Prince Alexander Sangushko. The monastery has not survived to this day. However, in 2015, archaeologists determined the location of the ancient monastery. During the excavations in the tract of Monastyryshche were found fragments of pottery, coins of the XV-XVI centuries and a bronze ring.

The next day we were greeted by the beautiful city of Volodymyr-Volynskyi with warm and gentle sun. Its centuries-old history is closely connected with the Sangushki princes. Evidence of this are the still preserved objects of architectural heritage - St. Basil's Rotunda and the Holy Dormition Cathedral.

Impressions of the tour participants can not be described in words, emotions just overflowed. We sincerely hope that all fans of history and travel will not miss the opportunity to learn a lot about the famous family of the Sangushki princes, admire the architectural monuments and discover hitherto unknown tourist locations.

Soon everyone will be able to virtually visit all these places! We hope that the virtual tour will make you want to see these places with your own eyes and see the rich cultural heritage of the Ukrainian-Polish border. The tourist route in three languages ​​will be available to anyone on our website, as well as in the form of a mobile application.

Wait… Very soon.