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A virtual cross-border tourist route “Prince Sangushko’s Family By-Ways" - soon

Let’s imagine for a second - you're in a car with the best friends, family, or just a dog… The sun shines gently; the wind cheerfully flutters your hair. Great mood! You are in anticipation of something interesting and unforgettable…

The same emotions we are feeling being at the final stage of developing a cross-border virtual tourist route called "Prince Sangushko’s Family By-Ways".

Just a little more and you will be able to discover interesting places, architectural monuments and learn more about the history of the Sangushko family on the territories of contemporary Ukraine and Poland.

This route will include tourist destinations in the cross-border region – are already known to the general public and not very much. You can fully enjoy the trip to such wonderful cities as Volodymyr-Volynskyi, Lutsk, Lublin…  However, you will have the opportunity to open the locations to which you previously were not even aware. Ancient castles, churches, monasteries and museums - this is not the whole list of places where you can get using this tourist route. Are you intrigued?! So, wait! Soon we will present to your attention our tourist product.

The tourist route will be available on our web portal and as well as in the form of a mobile application in 3 languages.