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Мальовниче село у Старовижівському районі, яке розкинулося у довжину більше, ніж на 10 кілометрів по обидва боки річки Прип’ять.


This is a picturesque village in the Stara Vyzhivka raion which stretches for more than 10 kilometres on both sides of the Prypiat river. Most scholars are inclined to believe that the settlement was founded in the late thirteenth century.

On May 5, 1444, Duke Oleksandr Sanguszko made donation for construction of the monastery. He founded the monastery for his brother, Duke Joachim, who became its first abbot. Duke Oleksandr also gave the monastery lands between the branches of the Prypiat river together with forests, hayfields and pastures. The monks were granted a right to fish freely at the Yarevyshche pond. On Saturdays and Sundays, the monks were free to grind grain in the mills. On the feast of the Trinity fairs were arranged at the monastery. A distillery, brewery and dryer were established on the monastery land.

The monastery in Yarevyshche existed for several centuries. Unfortunately, it has not survived until present.

The village of Yarevyshche has a unique layout. The place near the church, on the site of the former monastery, is the only one where several houses stand densely side by side. The rest of the households are scattered in the forests that surround the village like a wall.

Useful information for tourists


The village of Yarevyshche in Stara Vyzhivka raion of Volyn oblast is 140 km from Lutsk and 32 km from the village of Stara Vyzhivka.



Cafe "Chance" (48, Nezalezhnosti Str., Stara Vyzhivka, tel. +380 (3346) 22273).

Cafe "Spokusa" (6,Vyshneva Str., Stara Vyzhivka, tel. +380 (3346) 30232).

Cafe "Scarlet" (31a, Nezalezhnosti Str., Stara Vyzhivka, tel. +380 (3346) 30179).



Hotel “Vyzhivka” (1, Molodizhnyi Ave., Stara Vyzhivka, tel. +380 (3346) 21153).

Recreation centre "Sribnytsia" (village of Krymne, Stara Vyzhivka raion, tel. +380 (50) 339 89 33, +380 (50) 378 36 08, e-mail:, 13 km from the village of Yarevyshche.