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Дуб - село, розташоване поблизу річки Сеньоха у гміні Комарів-Осада Замостьського повіту Люблінського воєводства, де нині мешкає близько 400 осіб.


Dub is a village located near the Sieniocha river in gmina Komarów-Osada, Zamość poviat of the Lublin Voivodeship. Now its population is about 400 people.

This is a first settlement in Poland associated with the Sanguszko family. In the first half of the 15th century Hurko, the second son of Fedir Olgerdovych, took possession of this area, which at that time belonged to the Princes of Mazovia. The first reference to Dub dates back to 1442. It mentions its owner Oleksandra, wife of Duke Hurko, who probably died about 1429. Once again, Dub appears in sources in 1463 when its owner was Hurko's son - Oleksandr. He is also mentioned in the same role in 1480.

To date no material traces of the Sanguszko family's activity have survived in this place.