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By the ways of the princely family Sangushkiv

"Prince Sanguszko’s Family By-Ways Virtual Tour – let’s reveal new pages of shared
Ukrainian and Polish history is the name of the project implemented with the financial support of the European Union under the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020 of the European Neighborhood Instrumen


This project is being implemented in the territories of Volyn Oblast and Lublin Voivodeship. Its main purpose is to promote the use of the cultural and historical heritage of the cross-border region to increase tourism potential and attractiveness. According to him, a joint thematic cross-border tourist route is planned, which would promote the historical and cultural monuments of Volyn and Lublin.

Within its framework, the activity of the Sangushkiv princes in Volhynia was studied, and the genealogy of the family was studied. Several monuments have been identified in the region, which are directly related to the activities of this princely family. These are the Mykolayiv Monastery in the village of Myltsi, Starovyzhiv district, which for a long time was the ancestral tomb of the Sangushki, the chapel of the Dominican Church in Kamen-Kashyrsky, the Vasylivsky Church and the Assumption Cathedral in Volodymyr-Volynsky.

Last week, the project's target groups, namely journalists, museum workers and the tourism industry, visited the sites, learned about the history of these sacred sites and how they are related to the Sangushki family. A visit was also made to the village of Yarevyshche, Starovyzhiv district, where in the 15th – 16th centuries there was a monastery founded by Prince Oleksandr Sangushko. The monastery has not survived to this day. However, in 2015, archaeologists determined the location of the ancient monastery.

As part of the project, among other things, a website and a mobile application were created, and a tourist guide was published. We believe that these measures will improve the awareness of residents of Volyn and Lublin region about the historical and cultural heritage and will help increase the tourist potential of Volyn, - said project manager Natalia Krolik.